Meet The Noob

Hope you are having a fun night! I am Ishan Joshi and I like to talk tech. Currently at GRIET, I am pursuing my Bachelors in Computer Science. You might find me in India, but mostly, it is fun living on the Internet. Anyways, a little quirky and a lot of fun, I think I am a pretty cool guy. So, let's get to know each other.
Or you know, I can take you on a tour of my Projects or you are welcome to read my Journals.

The NoobTM

No seriously, that's me

What's Up?


Site Update

The current version of the site is v.5.1. The follow up to the major backend update of v.5.0, this version is more responsive and has a better UI. The site is more SEO friendly and has a better performance.



Here are some of my latest updates:


Latest Notes

Here are some of my latest notes: