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Tue Sep 12 2023

🚈Understanding Concurrency

Concurrency is a very under appreciated paradigm in programming. So, wanna make your code faster? Read on!

Fri Sep 08 2023

🔧Chad-ifying My Web Tools

No I do not want to pay $5 a month for a URL Shortener! I will build my own!

Sat Sep 02 2023

🧶Grow into Programming

You don't learn to code. It sort of grows on you. Hear me out before calling me a lunatic.

Mon Aug 28 2023

🧂Writing your own CLI in rust

Want to get out of UI and build something cool? Here is a tutorial on how to build your own CLI in rust.

Wed Aug 23 2023

🗄️Internet Eras and Changes

The first installment of the series of changing our approach to the web. This post talks about the HTTP era and the changes we have to live with.

Mon Aug 21 2023

🦀Writing a CMS in Rust

Before you get mad, hear me out. CMS doesn't need to have a bloated admin panel. This is the story of how I wrote a CMS in Rust.

Sun Aug 13 2023

🏗️Do we need frameworks?

Do we really need frameworks or are they just as useful as a salt shaker in the ocean?

Sun Aug 06 2023

🐏8Gb is not enough!?

Not to sound old, but 8GB of RAM was for top of the line computers not too long ago. Now it's barely enough to run a browser.

Thu Aug 03 2023

🔎Google it? More like TikTok it!

Tiktok is not a search engine and it will never be one. It is a short form content video platform. Don't search TikTok!

Sun Jul 30 2023

🐟Gold Fish and Us

A gold fish has an attention span of 9 seconds. That is the amount of time it would take you read the first paragraph. Can you make it?

Tue Jul 25 2023

🎫React Server Components, quirks and perks

React Server Components or RSC's are all people can talk about these days, so wanna read my opinion?

Mon Jul 03 2023

📈Linear Regression

Linear Regression discussed mathematically and with code

Mon Jul 03 2023

👨‍💻Reconsider How We Learn to Code

Our first words were not Hello World. We all have had to start somewhere or the other. We all learn differently. Then why do we try to standardize the way we teach programming?

Fri Jun 30 2023

🤷‍♂️Not Knowing is Knowing

Like the old saying goes, "The more you know, the more you know you don't know."

Mon Jun 26 2023

🌲Binary Search Trees

Binary Search Tree, implemented in C

Mon Jun 26 2023

🍇Graphs and Traversals

Graphs and Traversals, implemented in C

Sat Jun 24 2023

🌏Migrating My Site To Astro

I recently migrated my site from Next.js to Astro. In this post, I'll be talking about why I did that and how I did that.

Fri Jun 23 2023

❤️Normal People - A Masterpiece

I recently watched the 2020 master piece Normal People. This is a small review of the show and why I liked it so much.

Thu Jun 22 2023

🔗It's time to get Rusty

Have a old codebase that handles high value, heavy operations? It is time to make that code base Rusty.

Wed Jun 21 2023

☁️Abstraction and Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing and Docker are sort of taken for granted. However, this article attempts to shine a different light on them.

Tue Jun 20 2023

➡️Linked Lists in C

Easy to read notes on Linked lists, implemented in C

Mon Jun 19 2023

🤖AI AI Generative AI

There is so much talk about AI everywhere now a days. Is it really a good thing?

Mon Jun 12 2023

🪜Basic Data Structures in C

Just some quick jots on basic data structures in C

Tue May 23 2023

🔢Sortings in C

Just some quick jots on sorting algorithms in C

Tue Apr 18 2023

➕The Age of AI Subscriptions

This article explores the costs of running an AI model like GPT-3, the challenges of generating revenue using AI.

Tue Mar 21 2023

👧The Tik Tok-ification Of Everything

A retrospect at this new trend

Wed Mar 15 2023

🪷Social Media. It's Complicated

Cliched, but needed to be talked about