It all started when I wanted to redesign a old website I made. I wanted to do it with the help of my friends. So, don't ask me how, but it led to us redesigning this website. I'm not the best at designing, but I'm pretty good at coding. So, I did the coding part plus added to the design. Moreover, this website uses some of the most cool and amazing technologies.


  1. Next.js - The React Framework for Production
  2. Vercel - The best hosting platform for Next.js
  3. Figma - The best design tool
  4. MongoDB - The NoSQL Database
  5. react-toastify - For the cool toasts
  6. AOS - For Animating on Scroll
  7. Animate.css - For the cool Animations
  8. sass - Because who wants plain css


I used some of the best free assets from the internet.

  1. 404.svg
  2. Bootstrap Icons
  3. Icon designed in Inkscape
  4. Design in Figma


This would not be possible without the help of my wonderful friends and mates. So, I would like to thank them for their help.

  1. Sachin's a.k.a Sneha Padhi
  2. Dalchini a.k.a Devansh Kumar
  3. PP a.ka. Prudhvi
  4. Anuska a.ka. Anushka Kumar
  5. Dhaniya a.k.a Ram Kishan

And BTW, shout out to my parents :)