First up, this website in itself is a resume. I'm a full-stack developer with a focus on React and Python. This resume is purely for the sake of having a resume. I already have a resume that you can check out.

Ishan Joshi

Location: Hyderabad, India

DOB: 2004-12-09



GitHub: @newtoallofthis123

LinkedIn: Ishan Joshi

Twitter: @newtoallofthis123


Hi! I am Ishan! I am a full-stack developer with a focus on React and Python. I am currently a student at GRIET, studying Computer Science. I am in my 1st year of college and am excited to learn more about the field. I am passionate about coding and have a strong proficiency in Python and JavaScript. Additionally, I have a good understanding of databases and how they work. Along with my love for coding, I also enjoy going for long walks as it helps me clear my mind and rejuvenate my energy. I am a cool, friendly person and would love to connect with likeminded individuals.


GRIET - Computer Science - 2022 - Present

SriChaitanya Junior College - Science - 2020 - 2022

SriChaitanya High School - Science - 2018 - 2020


Programming Languages




Markup and Styling

My Journey

Initiated my programming journey during senior year of high school, immediately developing a passion for the dynamic world of computer science. Proven proficiency in Python, with experience in JavaScript and database management. Continuously seeking to expand technical skills and knowledge As I embark on my college years, I am filled with anticipation for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. My passion for computer science and programming drives me to continually pursue new projects and challenges, with a focus on creating functional and user-friendly solutions. In my free time, I find great pleasure in going on long outdoor walks with my dog. I am eager to expand my professional network and would be delighted to connect with like-minded individuals, kindly reach me at

Some Projects I am Proud of

I have been working on a few projects for a while now and I am quite proud of them. These are not all though, you can check out my GitHub profile to see all the projects I have worked on.


I am proud to introduce NoobPaste, my first independent web application development project. This application, which serves as a replica of, was built using Flask for the back-end and Bootstrap and jQuery for the user interface. One of the key features of NoobPaste is its emphasis on privacy, as it utilizes server-side encryption to ensure that neither I nor any other administrator can view users' private pastes. Additionally, I am currently working on developing an admin page to manage all pastes on the platform. This project is an ongoing effort and I welcome contributions on GitHub.


I love working in the command line and I wanted to streamline the experience of working with a few aspects for a while now. I have been working on a project called PEEP (Personalized Environment and Execution Prompt) for a while now. It is a command line tool that gives you nifty little sub apps you can use. It is a work in progress and I am working on adding more features to it. It has stuff like a qr code generator, a semi online editor, a search feature and an inbuilt markdown editor that can be used to create markdown files. This was my first python project using classes, arguments and stuff like that and I quite proud of it. Wanna try improve it? Check it out on GitHub.


Links is a simple custom link tree that I made for my social media accounts. It's made using create-react-app and is hosted on GitHub Pages. It was one of my first projects using React and I am quite proud of it. I am currently working on adding a dark mode to it. Links doesn't use any database and all the links are stored in a JSON file. This json file is fetched and displayed on the page. So, if you want to use it, you can fork it and edit the JSON file to add your links and Links should work fine for you. Seems like a fun little project? Check it out on GitHub.

My Portfolio

This site you are currently on is my portfolio and it is also my blog. It is built using Gatsby and is hosted on Netlify. I had a lot of fun building this site and honestly, hats off to the Gatsby team for making such a great framework. My portfolio was earlier built using create-react-app and I had to manually deploy it on GitHub Pages. I had originally planned a vanilla JS site for my blog, but I decided to use Gatsby for my portfolio and blog. Gatsby actually is faster in production than my previous site and it is also a lot easier to maintain. This site is open source and you can fork and make it your own. Check it out on GitHub.


HTMLer is a simple markdown editor that I made mainly for writing my blog posts. There are many good markdown editors out there, but I wanted to make one for myself that would just do one thing and do it well. So, all you do is write markdown and it will be converted to HTML. You can then copy the HTML and paste it in your blog post. That's it. It's that simple. No fancy features, no nothing. It is actually a lot faster than most markdown editors out there. It is built using plain old vanilla JS and it is hosted on GitHub Pages. Quite a simple project, but I use it a lot and I am quite happy with it. Wanna try it out? Check it out on GitHub.

My Blog

I am also a blogger and I write about tech, programming and stuff like that. I have been blogging for a while now and I have written a lot of articles. You can check out my opinons blog on my own website and my technical blog on hashnode. For my technical articles, I use hashnode and for my personal articles, I use a custom blog engine that I made. I have been working on my blog engine for a while now and I am quite happy with it. It is built using NextJS and is hosted on vercel.

Why Me?

I am a self taught developer and I have been working on projects for a while now. I am not a professional developer, but I am a developer and I am always ready to learn new things. I am easy to work with and I am always ready to help. I am available for freelance work and I am always ready to work on new projects. If you are a company and you want to hire me, you can contact me on my socials. Hope to hear from you soon. Wanna get in touch? Check out my socials.